Let’s try ! 時制~復習問題




















【復習問題A】次の( )内から適当な語を選びましょう。


1.I ( had seen, have seen, will have seen ) that face somewhere before.

2.My mother ( had finished, has finished, had been finishing ) breakfast when I got up this morning.

3.Mary ( wrote, has written, had written ) a story just now.

4.We ( have gone, will have gone, will go ) to school by eight tomorrow morning.

5.I ( have read, will read, will have read ) the book three times if I read it again.

6.Please wait till I ( will have finished, have finished, will finish ) my coffee.

7.When I returned home, he ( has been studying, studied, was studying).

8.My grandfather ( has been dying, has been dead, died, has died ) for five years.

9.Ten years ago we ( met, had met, have met ) an interesting man.

10.I ( have heard, had heard, heard ) a lot about this school before I came here.




1.( finished, me, you, you, novel, when, the, finish, have, will, lend, it, )?

  読み終わったらその小説を私に貸してくれませんか? 【1語不要な語がある】

2.( examination, difficult, expected, entrance, as, I, the, was, had, as, not, ).


3.I ( he, had, soon, before, not, appeared, long, waited, )





問/ 15問

1 次のかっこ内から適当な語を選びましょう。


1.He ( belongs, is belonging, has been belonging ) to the baseball club.

2. I’ll give her your message when she ( will come, comes, came ).

3.Wait till the light ( turns, will turn, will have turned ) green.

4. I cannot tell if it ( will rain, rains, has rained ) tomorrow.

5. I don’t know when he ( is, has been, will be ) here.

6. We’ll start as soon as you ( are, will be, were ) ready.

7.I ( has visited, visited, will visit ) Las Vegas while I stayed in America.

8. Her plane ( takes, has taken , took ) off just now.

9. Bob ( has been, had been, was ) ill for a week before he was sent to the hospital.

10.The cherry blossoms ( will have fallen, has fallen, will have been falling ) by the time you come.

11. I’ll leave soon if I ( have finished, will have finished, will finish ) my work.

12.We ( are discussing, have discussed, have been discussing ) the problem since this morning.

13.You ( shall, will, ) have a book if you want to .


2(  )内を並び替えましょう。


1.[ since, have, died, his grandfather, it, three years, passed, ]

  彼の祖父が死んでから3年になります。 【1語不要】

2.[ your room, cleaned, you, home, have, return, I, by the time, ]




1.have seen (before 【以前】⇒【今までに】)

2.had finished (when I got up で、現在完了不可。finish は進行形不可) 

3.wrote (just now : 過去専用) 

4.will have gone (by eight tomorrow morning :「明日の朝八時までに」⇒未来完了) 

5.will have read (if I read it again : もう一回それを読めば ⇒ 未来時制/経験)

6.have finished (till : 副詞節を作る。単純未来なので、will をつけない)

7.was studying (returned : 過去時制。study :動作を表す動詞) 

8.has been dead (for five years :期間を表すので、動詞のdie「死ぬ」ではなく、be dead「死んでいる」という状態を選ぶ) 

9.met (ago :過去形) 

10.had heard (before I came で、「過去より以前に」聞いていた。⇒過去完了)



1.Will you lend me the novel when you have finished it? 。(finish 不要)
(このwhen は副詞節を導きます。未来完了の意味ですが、willを取って現在完了にしましょう。)

2.The entrance examination was not as difficult as I had expected. 

3.I had not waited long before he appeared.(soon 不要)



1.belongs (belong :「所属している」進行形不可) 
2.comes (when~は副詞節。単純未来は現在時制で) 
3.turns (till~は副詞節。単純未来は現在時制で) 
4.will rain (if~は名詞節。未来時制で) 
5.will be (when~は名詞節。未来時制で) 
6.are (as soon as~は副詞節。単純未来は現在時制で) 
7.visited (while I stayed~ で、過去時制に決定) 
8.took (just now :過去形専用) 
9.had been (before he was sent で過去以前。for a week で期間) 
10.will have fallen (by the time you come :あなたが来る頃までには⇒~してしまっているでしょう、という「未来完了」を選ぶ) 
11.have finished (if~は副詞節。単純未来は現在時制で) 
12.have been discussing (since~で、現在完了継続用法。discuss は動作なので進行形) 
13.shall (2・3人称+ shall =話し手の意志未来:~に…させよう)

1. Three years have passed since his grandfather died. (it 不要) 
(it を使う場合は、it is three years~か、it has been three years~ となる)

2. I will have cleaned your room by the time you return home.